Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Green Thumb

She reminded me daily that the plants needed water, and those plants lasted a million times longer because of it. This was our first time actually being responsible and trying to own plants. Jake's uncle supplied us with some veggies from his greenhouse (pictured in the diaper box) that I planted into the ground. INTO the ground. They thrived, and I was shocked. That will be another post of its own, but we actually ATE vegetables from our garden last year. Say WHAT!

That pretty yellow flower plant was given to all the mother's on Mother's Day last year and Annabelle took such good care of it. //I really loved those flowers and hope to get lots more this spring.//

She loved filling up her water bottle and spending a solid 45 minutes on the porch drowning watering her plants. 

I'll put her in charge of the watering again this year and let that green thumb of hers expand. Maybe she can teach me a thing or two about keeping a garden :)


  1. She needs to come teach me how to garden!

  2. Can she come teach me how to garden too?! haha. So awesome you got to grow and eat your own veggies!!