Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boating in June

    ^^^ This face!! I die.

We didn't go boating a ton last summer, but the times that we did were super fun! Our good friend Drew took us out on Utah lake one Saturday and it was great. Well, everything but touching the bottom of disgusting Utah lake -- Haha. It felt like you were digging your toes into guts and brains. Seriously so gross. But I did get to go tubing with Lissie for the first time ever and that was a blast! Feels pretty good to just scream for 15 minutes non-stop sometimes. Haha. And both babies were lulled to sleep while jetting through the waves, so the whole day was pretty relaxing. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and Henry's cheeks plus that lifejacket were pretty entertaining. //He may have thought otherwise though!// I'm excited to get back out this summer. I can't believe how blonde Annabelle's hair is in these pictures - I didn't realize how dark it gets in the winter until looking through them. I think we're all looking forward to some sunnier days!!


  1. I loved the way you described the bottom of Utah Lake!! haha. So true! I'm loving these photos-- that one of you and Lissie is gorgeous, and that last one of Henry boy! So cute! And this is making me miss summer SO BAD!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that face on Henry!! I die too!