Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Her World

Wearing every single tutu she owns.
Playing tea party.
Telling me her letters.
Dancing on her tippy-toes.
Jumping like a fairy on her bed.
Baking something yummy in her kitchen.

I followed her around with my camera one day so I could capture her little two-year old world. She was so happy and proud of herself to have situated all 4 tutus on her hip. And while watching from the corner of her room she'd occasionally offer me a cup of tea, or a deeelicious potato :) She was so content to quietly sit and play knowing I was in the same room. Henry must have been napping so this girl time was extra special. I love the way the sunlight hit those chubby cheeks so perfectly that day. 

She's my girl and I hope we can always share happy moments like these.


  1. So precious, Em! She is such a doll!!

  2. She is just beautiful! I love the lighting in all of these, too!