Wednesday, January 15, 2014


//Six-month old Henry, you are the chunkiest!! I love you!!//
Before he was a wiggly, crawling monster baby, he used to sit in his swing and watch me make dinner. And if he ever got fussy Annabelle would rush in and make him happy again. He adooores her. And I adore her too! She loves that baby boy like he's her own baby and is always so sweet with him. 
I'm thankful every day that my Heavenly Father sent me her to love and lookout for our Henry-Boy. And soon she'll have two chunky boys to love on :) //She might actually think this 2nd one IS her baby.// She asks me every day when he's coming out so she can hold him. 

I don't think there have ever been luckier brothers! :)


  1. Lucky brothers indeed!! She is such a sweetheart!!

  2. So very sweet! It's amazing what a big help a sibling can be! I love how much she loves them and can't wait to see her with Sawyer.