Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Maddy Turns 3!

Annabelle's "sister" Maddy turned three and threw a stellar party.  She's such a beautiful, sweet little girl and we're so grateful we were able to celebrate her special day with her.
To start off the festivities we met at this big trampoline warehouse where the kids went crazy! It was so awesome. Even my little Henry got brave and walked out into the middle of this big bubble jumpy thing and bounced himself. Side-note: He also went up to a random little baby girl and kissed her. On the mouth. All on his own. Uhh, you're one pal!

After the kids jumped their hearts out, we headed back to Maddy's house for cake and ice cream and presents. Sadly I only have these few pictures from the jumpy house -- I think my big pregnant self got too winded chasing Henry around and picture-taking got put on the back burner.
But the party was darling. Ashley prepared lots of yummy treats and snacks and made  t h e  yummiest cupcakes. And Maddy was so sweet opening all her presents -- her face lit up after unwrapping each gift, it was so adorable.

I'm so happy to have little Maddy in our lives -- her and Annabelle are best-friend-sister-cousins that adore each other. And I hope we can always celebrate our birthdays together.


  1. Aw, how fun! That is hilarious about Henry's special smooch! haha

  2. hahahaha Henry. So cute. Gosh I miss those kids! And Happy Birthday Maddy!!

  3. Oh Emma this is so sweet! Thank you for capturing these moments and always saying the kindest things! We are so grateful for you!!! Ps. Look at how much everyone has grown since then!!