Friday, May 23, 2014

St. George

A couple months ago the kids and I got to join Jake in St. George while he was working on a movie. The kids hadn't seen Jake in a few weeks, so this trip was extra special -- they loved seeing him in the morning and at night when we'd go swim in the hotel pool. We also got to visit him on set a few times, which was so fun. 
A lot of these pictures are from the first day we arrived and the kids were getting all their wiggles out from the four hour drive. 
Initially we were only going to stay for a few days and then I'd head back with the kids, but about 30 minutes into my drive home Jake talked me into turing around and staying with him through the weekend. I'm so glad we did, because we were able to visit St. George's children's museum and splash pad. We also got to walk around their gorgeous temple grounds and visitor's center. I got to spend special quality time with Annabelle & Henry before Sawyer arrived. Henry let me rock him to sleep most of those nights and Annabelle and I did some outlet shopping together. She's so cute when we're shopping and has a strong opinion on what is cute and what isn't. I got both kids a handful of new clothes and she specifically picked out a blue sweater with gold stars on it. I tried putting it back a few times, but she insisted it was her favorite thing! And I'm glad that I listened, 
because now it's one of my favorite things. ;)

With how much Jake travels for work, it was nice to be able to join him and all be together.


  1. Ooh, love those temple pictures! And Juliette is a very opinionated shopper too. I already love shopping with my girls so, so much! We should do an Auntie/Niece shopping trip sometime!

  2. SO fun! I can't believe how much younger Henry already looks in these pictures!!