Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth of July

We had just gotten back into town the day before the 4th, so I didn't think it would be all that exciting this year.
But then somehow a bbq got put together at our place with yummy German brats. 
(I've decided it's our new Independence Day 
tradition: German brats. Fitting, right?
And then Drew took us out on his boat to watch the fireworks from Utah lake.
Which actually sounds really fun and exciting, but then we got attacked by bugs. So then my patriotism died. And I didn't care about fireworks anymore. And just wanted to go home.
But before the bugs got there it really was fun. And I got cute pictures. And ever since yesterday I've wanted to add more red and blue to Annabelle's wardrobe. Cause they compliment those pretty blue eyes and big red lips so well :)



  1. Oh my word, where did you get her suit!? She looks beyond adorable in it. And that picture of A and Ashley is beautiful! As are all the photos. :) I love red, too! Taking pictures is like my favorite thing about the 4th! And oh my gosh, I get such a kick outta Maddy. Her little expressions are hilarious!

    End of hyper comment. :)

    1. Haha!! You're funny :) I found her suit at old navy. And I know - I absolutely love that picture of her and Ashley!! And yes, Maddy is the queen of hilarious expression. Love that baby :)
      I'm excited to see your 4th July photos :)

  2. Haha Marie Youre comment sums up everything I was going to say!! Including the hyper part! ;)I think that is my favorite pic of you and Maddy, Em! We had so much fun with you guys!!! But oh my gosh those BUGS!!! Eeeekkkk I have NEVER seen so many in my LIFE! I still feel like they are all over me! haha. Good times!

  3. so cute!! I love her little outfit! I was a bad mom and I didn't even THINK about what Cole would wear on the 4th until the night before....and yeah. so he didn't have anything close to a cute outfit. i'm sorry you got attacked by bugs!! Otherwise sounds like lots of fun :) I was going to post my 4th of July pics last night too...but then I got too tired :( They'll probably be up tonight though :)