Monday, April 28, 2014

Annabelle turns 3!

I am so happy that I was sent a beautiful little girl to make beautiful little girl things for. I found this cute dress-up station idea on pinterest and decided Annabelle needed one. So I started collecting princess dresses (the post halloween sales were bomb) and assigned Jake the building. It looked pretty simple to make and Jake said he could do it. Well, he is amazing at many things, but he's not much of a handyman and it wasn't really all that simple to make like we thought. So instead of building it he made sure that it got built -- by a really amazing carpenter friend. He did, however, spend a couple hours at Lowes finding the right wood, measuring it, and getting it cut. And that effort has daddy-love written all over it.
So once he had it built I got to work painting it. I felt like a little elf working away on her birthday's eve setting the room up just perfect for her. 
After hanging all her dresses inside and wrapping it up with a big bow I started blowing up balloons and filling her room. I hung streamers and imagined her excitedly waking up to it all. Well, I should've known she'd sleepwalk her way into our room in the middle of the night and miss the whole shabang. So after she woke up I made her go admire the birthday party going on in her room. It didn't really go down like I thought, but she still loved it.
Watching her open her big present and then frolick around the house in princess dresses was perfect. To this day it's the first thing she does in the morning: put on a princess dress. It's actually become a real battle to get her to wear  r e a l  clothes. But you're only 3 years old once :)
After she tried on every dress we had a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs. Then later on the couch I told her about the day she was born. I explained how she was in my tummy and how excited we were to hold her when she came out. It was a really sweet moment until she declared she'd be returning to my belly in two weeks. Yikes. 

Annabelle, you are my girl! You are so smart and caring. And because of you I want to be my very best self.

I love you! Happy Birthday, my very so beautiful princess!

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  1. You are the cutest mom! The love you have for her is just bursting out of the pictures. I love how excited she looks to get into those princess dresses!!