Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

Pumpkin pie and whipped cream is the most perfect combination of tastes and textures, it should be in all year round. I think Ash, Lissie, and I dug into the pies about ten minutes after we got there. And we did it in secret too. So the boys wouldn't know. Haha. Speaking of arriving, the moment we drove up Danny greeted us at the door. Looking, well... interesting. I think I said: "Oh my, he looks so gross." And Annabelle walked through the door and repeated me. Word. For. Word. Ahh! Small children have ears! (Danny, I still love you... and I hope you still love me too.)

Here are some highlights from our Thanksgiving together:

- Watching Jake toss all the little kids around.
- Our bacon-wrapped turkey. Yum.
- Maddy and Annabelle screaming and playing together.
- My Henry-Boy and smooching his cheeks
- Having Lissie there -- I am  l o v i n g  having her so close.
- The rolls. Oh, they were so good and so not homemade :)
- Hailey took her first steps! And it was adorable to watch.
- The girls being crazy together and throwing leaves all over each other. They also ate sticks together. True besties.
- The pie. Oooh, the pumpkin pie.
- Watching "Home Alone" to kick off the Christmas season. (We move right along with our holidays)
- Being together.

It was a really relaxing day. We enjoyed each other's company and ate a lot of food. And then took turns falling into food comas. Well, partial food comas 'cause the kids didn't really give us a break. But that's ok! I love my family and am so thankful they're mine :) 
And thank you Danny & Ashley for hosting us.

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