Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Henry turns one!

I'll never forget the moment Henry was placed into my arms. He was an easy delivery and came out within a couple pushes. When they handed his perfect little body to me, I felt so close to heaven and to my Heavenly Father. I remember weeping the happiest tears while saying silent prayers of gratitude. My whole heart was bursting with love for him and I had an overwhelming sense of honor come over me. My Henry is so special and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending him to me. He gave me butterflies then and he gives me butterflies now. He is just so handsome and sweet and funny. And we all adore him!

Jake had to work late on Henry's birthday, so we waited until about 10pm to do all the festivities. What baby doesn't love to be woken up to cake and ice cream though? He was on cloud nine! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of all that. Ahh :( 
But I'm still wanting to have a mock birthday cake smash for him. I mean, those are some of his childhood rights. Maybe an 18 month cake smash? That's totally a thing.
So the above pictures are of him on his actual birthday - I did, at least, get that right. Isn't he just dreamy? I love that boy.
And the below pictures are from the next morning when he was awake enough to enjoy his present. He's still figuring out how to get the cars down the actual runway, but those cars are prized possessions around here. He seems to always be carrying one around while making the c u t e s t  little boy car noises. Oh my. I am in love.

Henry, you're our silly little guy. Annabelle adores you and calls you her "bud". You give the sweetest kisses and have a serious thing for your daddy right now. We took you swimming the other night and both daddy and I took turns helping you down the slide. It was fun to watch your face light up when it was daddy's turn to help you. You had the biggest grin on your face and I could just see the pride in your eyes knowing that daddy was cheering you on. Riding down the slide itself made you happy when I was helping you, but having your daddy cheer you on was what really made you smile. You are a true daddy's boy!

You are my sweet boy and you will always have a special spot in my heart. I love you! Happy Birthday, handsome.

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  1. You've been blogging! Yay! Love your posts and words. That Henry is something else--so adorable! Happy Birthday to him! And yes, an 18-month cake smash is totally a thing. :)