Monday, April 28, 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween is starting to become more fun for me now that I can do themed costumes. Annabelle's had an obsession with Tinkerbell for the past couple months, so it made perfect sense to have Henry be Peter Pan. I bought a piece of felt and somehow made his top and we borrowed his hat from a neighbor. And Annabelle's shoes were just a bunch of glitter and glue with a big giant cotton ball. So easy! :)
Jake was in Japan over Halloween so I took the kids trick-or-treating with our next-door neighbor. Annabelle took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to walk up to doors, let alone knock on them. Once she finally got into a good rhythm and started to get a little braver, a man with a scary mask started running towards a group of teenagers that happened to be behind her. So she thought he was running at her. And all my hardwork and coaxing flew out the window and we were done trick-or-treating. (We got a good 20 minutes in.)
I carried my shaking, terrified girl back to the car, and the whole way home she kept crying for the scary man to go away. She was convinced he was following us back to the house. 
(Why do we even celebrate a scary holiday? Can't it just be cute little Tinerbells and Peter Pans forever?)
I explained to her over and over again that it was just a mask and he was trying to be funny. But we both agreed it wasn't very funny and that we should eat away all our troubles with candy. So we did just that :) (I guess the whole candy part of halloween isn't so bad.)

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  1. I hate Halloween for that reason! Love their costumes and I also like to binge on Halloween candy. ;)