Monday, April 28, 2014

Annabelle's 3rd Birthday Party

A couple months before Annabelle's birthday I was browsing through pinterest for party ideas and decided to let her choose a cake. I'll be honest, the first cake she chose was a hot pink 3-tiered cheetah number. I quickly talked her out of that one (yikes!) Her second choice was an adorable lamb cake. Perfectly sweet. And very 3 years old. And sooo much better than the teenager one she had chosen first.
We then decided to throw a princess party, especially since getting her dress-up station had put the princess obsession into full swing.
So I started gathering ideas and had imagined up the perfect party. (Think cardboard castle, Lissie dressed up as a fairygod mother, etc. AKA way too detailed for a 3rd birthday!)
I love throwing a party and I love paying attention to detail, but I've come to learn that a big hot meltdown has created a permanent space the night before any big event. It's so lovely. And Jake looks forward to them. 
These meltdowns have actually become so common that before I announce that I'm throwing a party/hosting some event Jake makes me promise him I won't try and cancel it. Because that's what I want to do. Every single time. (I'm in stress management:) )
So, as you've guessed, the night before Annabelle's big party I just wanted to hide in a corner and cry. I had a list a mile long and I wanted everything to be perfect and pinterest-worthy. On top of that Lissie was in the back room puking (poor thing!) and I was terrified of getting all those little kids sick. (So really, cancelling was a valid option!) 
Instead, Jake called in a favor and got us the nursery at the church :) Such a stud. And he was so sweet and stayed up until midnight making these flower poofs out of tissue paper to hang on the doors. He looked so cute crafting. I'm really sad to say I don't even have a picture of them, but they were perfect. And he was so helpful. While he made those, I finished up her lamb cake. And I am very proud of how it turned out. It looks just like the one on pinterest and I think it is so adorable. In fact, I want to make it a tradition to only make animal cakes for my kids' birthdays.

The party itself was so fun. I was actually nervous the kids wouldn't enjoy themselves and had way too many backup plans. 
Note to self: All they want to do is run around and eat sugar.
I had finger painting and canvases and coloring ready to go just in case there was an abnormal 3 year old. There wasn't.

They played with bubbles and balloons, ate goodies, and ran around and danced. Then we did presents and Annabelle got every princess accessory I didn't know existed and then some. She seriously got soooo spoiled - such sweet friends.
After that we sang to her and she blew out her candles. It was a really fun morning celebrating that sweet little girl. 
She was in princess heaven and after experiencing her first real friend party, she's a fan. :)


  1. Wow. That cake is so beautiful and sweet. Great job.

  2. Cutest cake ever!!!! And looks like she had a blast!! And this was the day Logan was born!! :)

  3. Um yes, the cake is fantastic... like my favorite birthday cake I've ever seen! And you are so funny! We have the same genes when it comes to stress levels and party throwing! ;) Happy Birthday to sweet Annabelle. She is just beaming!