Friday, March 25, 2011

Annabelle Lately

She's 4 months tomorrow -- WHAT?!
And this is what she's been up to ;)

Sitting up:

And standing up:

Ever heard of a 4-month old walker?! :D ... Me neither. It's really just good camera timing ;)


  1. I can't believe she's already four months old. I had in my mind that she was three! She looks strong and healthy and cute.

  2. Standing up!!?

    I love her so much, Em! I can't wait to see her again! Come visit me???

  3. Yeah, she'll stand like that for a minute at a time - it's pretty funny.
    And yes Marie, I would LOVE to come visit you!!!

  4. What a little sweetheart. She has a wrestler stance...I can't wait for you to come visit.

  5. standing up!!!!!! wow! she's getting so big!!! I love her sweet little face! she still seems so much older than Cole because he definitely can't sit up or stand yet. not even close!
    I miss you guys :(

  6. I found you! :) It was so nice meeting you after our flight last week! I love how blogs make the world a little bit smaller :) You have a lovely family!

    And I love this UPdate on your sweet Annabelle! (love her name by the way:)

  7. Lauren, she was somehow blessed with super strong legs, so somehow we get these "amazing" pictures of her. Haha. Sure wish Cole and her could have playdates.
    And Haley, glad you found me :) It was really fun meeting you, your cute grandma, and adorable little boy! I love your blog :)

  8. Where's the blessing pictures???? :)

  9. Oh Anna! You should walk over here to Vernal to visit us!!! :) Can't wait till easters!!!