Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skinny Emma = Happy Emma

News Headline: Emma Van Wagoner's running a half-marathon! Saaaay whaaat?
That's right. And the amazing Natasha Peatross is helping me do it.
Meet Natasha:

She's beautiful, smart, adorable, and seriously the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. And I love her so much.
This morning was day 1 of training: Running in the canyon.
Our goal was to run 2 miles. However, a 1/4 mile into it I thought I was going to d-i-e! (Gosh, it is so embarrassing how outta shape I am) But wonderful Natasha walked with me until I felt I could run again. Which would be never, except she's excellent at mind tricks:
N: "Let's run to that tree up there, and then we'll take another break."
E: **running running, panting panting** almost there.
N: "We can make it to the bend up ahead, come on."
E: **mmm, I guess...**
N:"Well, look, that pavilion isn't too far off, let's run to it and then we'll really stop.
N:"Hey, there's another pavilion, let's go!"
(at this point I'm literally screaming out loud.)
N: "Put stress on your body, it can take it! It will adapt! That's what Jillian Michaels always says."
E:**I haaaate Jillian Michaels!!**
N: "OK, that's good."
E:**bent over, seeing stars**
(** = my thoughts. Running and talking? Not.Possible.)

Meet Natasha. She's my favorite:

And together, we're running a half-marathon in August. With baby on board :)


  1. oh my gosh Emma I laughed so hard!!!! so, you ran up the canyon pushing Annabelle in her stroller?? I could never do that!! sounds hard! but you can do it! I'm excited for you to do the half marathon!!! and natasha is the sweetest! :) love that girl.

  2. ps, I hate Jillian Michaels too!!

  3. Yeah, but to be honest, Natasha pushed her for the most part - I could seriously only focus on running. It was hard. And my body feels broken. But great at the same time. It was really fun -- and I couldn't ask for a better running buddy.

  4. I need Natasha in my life! When is the half marathon? Maybe to prepare you could find a 5K to run - that would boost your preparation and confidence.

  5. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! What half are you doing? I am doing the Park City Half in August. They say the hardest part is deciding but I still think the actually running part is harder. We should go running sometime!

  6. You are my hero...I HATE to run!!! good for you, you're a champion and can totally do it! Is Jakey going to run it again this year? Family sport!

  7. Michal, I'm running the Provo half-marathon. We should totally run together!!
    Ashley, Jake might run it with me. I'm not sure! I hope so.

  8. Need a BABYSITTER? I'm so not a runner of races but I will run errands, run at the mouth, and run panty hose. Good Luck!!!

  9. You're running a half-marathon?? MAD props, Emma! I am with you -- about a half a mile is about all my body can take. Good luck!