Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Cousins

Annabelle's a super lucky girl: She has cousins surrounding her on both sides and quite a few within just a few months of her. I love it.
She's got Juliette and Cole on my side and Maddy and Isaac on Jake's side.

Juliette is most definitely one of the sweetest little babies I know - that girl will light up a room with her big blue eyes, and heartwarming smile. We love you baby girl!

"Next time we play, I promise I'll be bigger and more fun to play with :)"

Little Man Cole: You're my bestest buddy - you're my closest cousin. I hope we can see each other lots while growing up. So excited to see you this Christmas! You are so sweet and 100% adorable!

"I hope you never stop doing your Superman pose!"

MADDY! Right now you look like my doll, but before we know it we'll both be running around laughing and giggling! I love you Madison Lynn! Sisters forever!

Isaac, my newest friend! You are more than precious - and oh-so handsome! I love you, sweet Isaac!

Annabelle sure loves all these little babies! Can't wait to hear you talk to each other, and play together.
I love these babies so much!!


  1. What a lucky girl she is to have so many cousins surrounding her! They are all so cute! This post made me laugh. I like how you give Annabelle a voice. :)

  2. I love that they are all so close, we are going to have a blast getting together with them as they grow!!!