Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bath Time is now a daily must!

We live in a pretty old apartment, and our tub is much too "used" to bathe in, so Annabelle usually just showers with us - which she loves! (On shot day the only thing we could do to make her happy was to hop in the shower!)
But every now and again, I'll pull out our little foam tub and bathe her in the sink. However, this last time it became quite clear that she's a bit too large for that tub, which means soon she'll just be a showerin' girl.

I don't have it on camera yet, but she laughed out loud, fully conscious, when I set her in the warm water. It definitely made the rest of my day! She is just too adorable for me.

And she's definitely happiest when she's naked, so this is a common scene in our living room.

Now that I'm aware that bath time is her favorite time of day, it's become a daily must. (And I'm pretty sure I love it just as much as she does - can't get enough of that baby bum!)


  1. Baby bath time is truly a highlight. Can't wait to hear her laugh!

  2. Man, she is the cutest thing! I want to witness bath time and her laugh!

  3. I love that she's laughing now!!! How cute! Maddy is the same way when it comes to being naked lol. Love it!