Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frog Fairy

I know I'm bulk-blogging, but when I'm in the mood I've gotta take advantage of it! So here goes.

We got this adorable frog fairy from our close friends (Matt and Taunya).
It's an adorable little frog. With wings. A boy frog, with wings. A little boy-frog-fairy. Sounds strange, huh? I think I'm mostly in love with it, because it is ridiculously German. Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile. I think of cute rosey-cheeked German babies bundled up to the max, with this little guy by their side.

Side note: Any time I take Annabelle outside without socks on I feel like the worst mother on earth, because I know exactly how those German mothers would be scolding me: Das Baby braucht Socken - sonst wird sie hoechst Krank!! (Basically: Are you CRAZY?!)

Back to Frog Fairy. Annabelle doesn't really have any other stuffed animals, and well since she is my German girl my nr. 1 goal is to make her irreversibly attached to the little guy. He goes everywhere with her. And definitely sleeps with her every night.

We love you Frog Fairy - and hope you last forever!


  1. Frog Fairy is pretty cute. I'm sure Annabelle is fast becoming attached.

  2. They look very attached. Good work, Em. :)