Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Head Grab

So my babe's been doing some funny things lately... like making this face:
when she just can't take it anymore. It's been!
Here are a couple more drama shots:

Sometimes, just one ear:

And sometimes she gets distracted by those funny things sticking out of her head, and tugs on them:

Pretty funny, right?
Well, she's been doing the "head grab" since Thursday, and we've been really entertained by it. Until she did it pretty much non-stop last night, so we got worried. And I started feeling like a terrible mom: What if she had an earache and has been trying to tell us this whole time and we've just been laughing? And I've been taking pictures of her pain? I AM HORRIBLE! So I called the nurse asap and made a late night appointment.

Here's how that went:

= all smiles.

Our girl's fine. 100% healthy. She's just giving us a peek of the d-r-a-m-a to come. And I love it.
Three months and she's making this face when she's upset:



  1. hahaha, I totally thought she had an ear infection from those pictures. She is so funny! I love that picture of her smiling up at the nurse. What a beauty! I love her and hope she is every bit as dramatic as she's leading on to be.

    So wish I was going to be there tomorrow...

    Are there going to be 50 more posts tonight????

  2. Haha. ;) I thought about posting more, but I have to get ready for tomorrow. (PS: That nurse is Jake!)
    We'll miss you tomorrow, but I'll for sure make a huge post of it so it will feel like you were there!

  3. oh wow Emma, I literally cried from laughing so hard!! that girl is hilarious!!!! such a cute little thing. she's got personality. I love it :) I wish I could be there tomorrow too :(

  4. Oh, you're making me laugh! I'm glad you get such a kick out of her - it's kind of hard not to. She cracks me up! I'm so glad I've caught these faces on camera. (Loooove taking pictures with my phone) Senior picture, maybe? ;)
    Wish you could be there tomorrow too -- we'll be thinking of you!

  5. Maybe she's just doing practice poses for when she has a real ear infection . . . the pictures totally had me fooled too.

  6. Who's side of the family does she get her drama from? She is so adorable!!

  7. Hahahahaha Emma that last picture is hilarious