Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Vacation

We got back from our 1st real family vacation this week.
It was so lovely :)
Jake had just gotten done working on a 4-week long night shoot  when we decided to go. Mainly because we hadn't seen him for pretty much an entire month.
So a week long vaca was the perfect remedy :)
We drove to Vegas and did every kid-friendly thing there.
Like go to the Coke Factory. 
Which is where we learned that Annabelle loves shiny floors. And feels the best way to express that love is to get on her belly. Luckily we caught onto her, cause she tried to do this everywhere!

This next part is a really bad mommy-move. Ugh. I know. 
It's awful........
We let her try some Coke. 
From the Coke factory. 
Because it seemed fitting?
(I'm sorry, mom!!!!)

She hated it. And we paid for it later when she was eating napkins and crayons at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Sugar. Overdose.

We also went to the m&m museum. And my little Jakey-boy got a whole bag of expensive mini m&m's. Haha. 
It's worth it on vacation, right?

We hit up buffets, a shark reef aquarium, and did some shopping. We also took a nap everyday around noon with our girl.
We loved the fountains at the Bellagio. And shared banana splits in our hotel room. And went to the theater to see "Brave". 
It was Annabelle's first movie that she actually sat through. May have had something to do with the popcorn too :)
We learned that baby tans instead of burns. Haluluja. And also discovered that I will never go back to 108 degree weather while pregnant. It's just too yucky.
Luckily we had a nice pool to cool us off though.

Family vacation, I think we'll do you again :)


  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation!

  2. Haha I love the picture of her with the glasses on!! Sooo cute! And Her face trying that coke is hilarious! And you look so pretty! :) Did you end up buying her that bear? She seems to really love it! haha :) Sounds like you guys had such a great time!

  3. I love your blog. I love your baby. I love you guys. And, it would have been better to come to Oregon, because you would be nice and cool and get to hang out with us. But, whatever. Looks like a blast!

  4. You're making me want to go on vacation and stuff my face with m&ms and take a nap and watch TV in bed! And snuggle Annabelle. :)

  5. sounds like FUNNN!! I want to go on a vacation!! The Coca cola factory looked like fun!!

  6. I hope we can go on your next family vacation with you...after all...WE ARE FAMILY right? Love that you guys topped off your vaca with the folks in GJ!! Love you!