Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Only Chalk!

I was just telling Lu yesterday that Annabelle's hit 
the Terrible Two's already. 
And her response was: 
"Oh Emma, you've been saying that since she was 12 months old!"

Oh, we have arrived.


At first she would just stick her little arm through the side and color on her chalkboard whenever her screaming wasn't getting her out of nap time. 
Which is great - I am all about expressing your frustrated baby feelings through chalk art.

Oh, but this?
We have entered a whooole new world.

I was sitting at the computer when I heard a weird scratching in the other room. It sounded like a toy car being driven up and down the wall. 
Wait, but my baby's a girl and doesn't have any toy cars??


Thank goodness it was only chalk.

PS: Notice her backwards pajamas? Yeah, we're still playing that game too. :)


  1. Oh Emma! I can't help it!! I just laugh soo hard when I read your posts!! Little Annabelle is just tooooo hilarious!! and that last picture of her? She knows she's cute. Oh my gosh!! I just want to SQUEEZE her!! ;)

  2. Your little one's antics just keep me in stitches! I am so glad you share these things. :)

  3. She is so funny! You are so funny! And I love that you caught her red-handed on camera. ;)

  4. Molly used to poop and wipe that on the wall, so I have no sympathy;-)

  5. haha that is hilarious! She is so adorable and I love that mischievous look on her face! :)

  6. She's a very clever (and cute) little girl -- she knows exactly what to do to get your attention!