Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picky Eater

It's probably because I've been an awful cook lately.
Or she's turned into a little bird.
Either way, she's picky.
I was just going over a list of things that she will eat:
and half of them don't count cause any kid will eat these.
quesadillas. spaghetti. mac n cheese. ramen. oranges!! beans. tomatoes. eggs w/ spinach. cheese. and rice.
and this week we added one more: corn on the cob.
I think she mainly likes it because of the way you eat it, and I'm pretty sure there's hardly any nutritional value.
But hey, it goes on the list!


  1. Emma, this pictures are adorable!! She is the cutest!! I wish Cole had cute clothes so that I could put him in them and take pictures of him eating!! Instead he is always NAKED! ;) jk, but seriously, she looks so so cute. and that list really isn't so bad :)

  2. Look at all that hair!!! Oh my goodness she is growing up so fast! She makes that corn on the cob look even more delicious! haha So cute! And Maddys been SUPER picky lately too! you've got a much longer list than we do! :)

  3. Man, girl. You're making me want to have a corn on the cob shoot of my own! Sweet pics! She is absolutely adorable and I love her personality! She's a funny one! :) My kids love corn on the cob, too!

  4. Way cute. And I think that's a pretty good list!

  5. Annabelle is so so cute! Brooks LOVES corn on the cob too! The first time he had it we were at Chilis and he was ravenous, HA! :)

    I'm sure the pickiness is just a stage she's going through, brooks goes in and out of them all the time...but eggs and spinach is awesome! :)