Monday, July 30, 2012

Locked Out!

We got locked out of our house last week. It was about 100 degrees outside and my car AC has gone MIA. 
Luckily Jake's co-worker was coming to drop a key off. Except they're working 100 miles away so it was still gonna be at least an hour. So first we shared a nice chocolate shake at the mall. And walked around Tai Pan day-dreaming. And after Annabelle's 5th fruit snack and her pretty much owning my shake we went home to wait. And wait.
Until I remembered we have a hose.
A hose with cold water.

Oh, haleluja.

She got drenched.
The key arrived.
And I snapped some photos.
And grabbed her a popsicle... ? 

Now that you have a food diary of my child for that day I'm starting to question my parenting. Holy moly.

I'm pretty sure she only got spinach for dinner ;)


  1. Emma! You are getting so good at taking pictures! I love these! Especially that black and white of her smiling. I'm glad you survived getting locked out. Looks like you were still the funnest, coolest mom despite a stinky situation!

  2. Oh good, Coleman is not the only child who has a day here and there of mainly fruit snacks and junk. I was starting to feel like a "great" mom too.

  3. I can't believe you guys got locked out in that heat!! Thank goodness for tai pan, fruit snacks, and hoses :) she still enjoyed herself! So cute!

  4. oh wow!! that sounds awful to get locked out of the house and in the heat too!!
    And these pictures are soooo good Emma! i love them! Annabelle is a doll!!!!!