Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun with Papa!!

During our last visit to Junction, Annabelle got to spend an afternoon with her Papa. He took her out front and played with her in the sprinklers. 
She loved it.
While there, both Jake and I caught a bug and were down for an entire day. 
So baby girl got some good quality time with her Nana and Papa.
And once we got better, she wanted nothing to do with us. Apparently they're much more fun than we are...

Guess they're doing their job right. 

Lucky girl. :)


  1. oh my gosh these pictures are so precious!! I love the baby chub on her legs!! She is just too cute. I want to snuggle her. Except she would probably hate it! haha

  2. Aww these are adorable!! That Nana and Papa are just the greatest! Our girls are so lucky to have them. :) She looks like she had a blast!

  3. That swimming suit is so cute on her! It brings out her pretty blue eyes! And I have to agree with Lu, the baby chub on her legs is pretty awesome. :) Awesome pics, too!