Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Thanksgiving Point has a really cute Halloween/Fall display in October. There are hayrides, cornmazes, jumping houses, duck racing, rock climbing, ... basically everything. And of course lots of yummy food. We took the kids there for an evening last October and they loved it. Once the sun went down it got chilly pretty fast, but they both didn't seem to mind. The place was packed and full of loud music and people. Kind of like a carnival really. Annabelle tried just about every activity and Henry so wished he could have joined her. He had to stay in my arms or the stroller for most of it since he was only about 10 months old, but he sure thought he was big enough to be doing everything she was doing. 
Once we'd had enough of the cold we headed to a cafe to grab some hot chocolate. Annabelle instead chose an ice cream cone. Of course. :) 
It was a really fun family outting and I'm excited for this year when Henry can join in on the fun.

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