Monday, February 10, 2014

Memorial Day 2013

I just made a list of all the blog posts I'd like to get through before Sawyer is born. And twenty. There are twenty(!!!) 
And I'll start with Memorial Day 2013:

We spent it with the Hermann/Van Wagoner clan and it was lovely. //Seeing these pictures on this cold winter day makes me really anxious to get some sun!!//
We met up at a lake in Ogden for some boating and to celebrate both Kaylee and Ashley Kay's birthdays. Some of us set up tents, and we made a pack'n'play train for the trio of babes (Henry, Hayley, and Jarom) to take naps in. The boys brought balls to play catch with and there was of course lots of yummy food. 
All the girls went out on the boat first and made our little toddler girls tube with us. I think Kaylee is the only one that wasn't kicking and screaming when we told them our plan. Haha. I know it sounds mean, but I think it built character for Maddy and Annabelle... Right?? They did end up enjoying it in the end. It was just getting them onto the tube that was torture.
We went out for a couple hours and returned with happy, sleepy babes. 
Then we sang to the birthday girls and watched them open presents. It was a great day.
Boating always exhausts the littles, so the car ride home was nice and peaceful.
It was a wonderful Memorial Day.


  1. Twenty!! haha that IS a lot!! but you can do it! and I love these pictures! :)

    1. Haha, yeah. I'm crazy behind. Cross your fingers for me!!

  2. I made the same list!! I'm still 3 or 4...maybe even 5 or 6 behind, and Scarlett is 6 weeks old. I hope you can get it all done. I have missed reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous babies!

    1. Jillian!! I had no idea you already had her (I'm not on fb -- it's my own fault). But I'd love to see pictures. I'm waaay out of the blogging loop -- what's your blog name? I'd love to stay in touch better. And congrats on your sweet baby. I've always loved the name Scarlett. And 3 or 4 posts is way better than 20. Haha. That's awesome you can still keep up with it!