Monday, February 10, 2014

Four Year Anniversary -- The Sleepy Edition

Jake came home early to take me on a nice anniversary date, and when he got there I was in bed sobbing. Haha. Are you loving all my emotional days that are getting documented? I was just really really tired and couldn't function. I remember telling him I felt like I couldn't do anything: take care of the kids, make dinner, sit up. I was about 12 weeks pregnant and nursing Henry, which I later learned will suck every bit of life out of you. //That first trimester was a little miserable.//
Anyways, he sweetly suggested we just stay home and have a date-night in, but that just made me feel even more dysfunctional. So I pulled it together (aren't I so tough!!) and got ready. I'm telling you all this because I look so exhausted in these photos. Haha! I get sleepy just looking at them, and really -- I had to make Lissie take about 100 in an effort to make my eyes look more open. It didn't work, but that's ok. This baby #3 is worth being/looking tired. All the time. (Haha!)
So Lissie stayed home with our babies while we went out. (Thank you!) Jake let me choose Olive Garden for dinner (he hates Olive Garden), so that was extra sweet of him. He also got our waitress to give us a free dessert. Yum. I think we went to a movie after that and I probably fell asleep. I really have no idea what we did after dinner, so that most likely means I was sleeping. (Poor guy!)
Happy 4 years, Jake -- you truly are my everything!
Here's to a million more anniversaries together -- sleepy or not! I love you...

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