Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a BOY!

I've always loved a cute gender reveal. I initially wanted a cute photoshoot with blue cotton candy on a stick. Adorable, right? Well do you know where to buy blue cotton candy on a stick, besides at the fair? Yeah, me neither. So that didn't happen. Then I saw this cute bubblegum idea and was sold. 
Fun & easy: check! 
Jake found the blue bubblegum balls and we took these right before a datenight. We had about 15 minutes of good light left, and it was gonna be sooo easy. Race against light/time photoshoots always are. //NOT.//
Bubblegum balls are SO hard to chew. And I couldn't get a decent bubble, actually I couldn't get a bubble at all.
So you wanna know what really went down? Jake had to chew that gum for me. And he had to blow that bubble too. Haha. True love.
It's all staged. 90% of these pictures are of me scowling at him while telling him my jaw isn't strong enough to chew that gum. The other 8% are of me wanting to give up (I am such a baby!!) and then there's these two. Pretend you don't know that that gum was impossible, and it's so cute. Right?
So, it's a BOY! He was so fun see at 20 weeks. During our first ultrasound around 3 weeks the tech couldn't even find him, and by our second one (11 weeks) he'd grown cute little gummy arms and legs. But the 20 week one was definitely the most fun. He had his hands up by his face and his little profile reminded us so much of Henry's. I keep imagining him looking like Henry's little twin //Just five more weeks and we'll know!! Yay!!//
I can't believe it's happening so soon and I am so excited to cuddle my sweet baby Sawyer.


  1. Ha ha I love it!! Gender reveals are so fun...

  2. It's a boy! yay!!! and oh my look how big you were able to blow that bubble!! ;)