Monday, February 10, 2014

Gardner Village

Back in September we spent an FHE at Gardner Village with the Quinn's. It had a fun display of witches and the little village itself was really cute. I only had about 30 minutes of light and all of it was spent taking pictures of Annabelle. So, sadly I have no real pictures of the village itself. Or the cute candy shop we went into with the kids. But trust me, it's worth visiting and we'll definitely go back.
On the way there the little miss had an accident and I had no spare clothes or panties for her. Luckily the place is like a mini shopping village too, so we were able to find that cute dress she's wearing and Henry was sweet enough to lend her a diaper. She looked so darling in that dress and really loved twirling it. //May have sent the wrong message about having accidents!!// 
Over the summer she wore that baseball cap that Jake got her everywhere. And I really love it on her! I have no idea what the "B" stands for, but it sure is cute on her.
And her and Gus are pretty cute together too. 
We ended the night having dinner and being, by far, the loudest guests in the restaurant. Whoops. :)


  1. So Cute! I think it's a Boston Red Socks hat. Also, I didn't realize you just celebrated your 4th anniversary. Us too! We got married the same time and had our first baby within a month of each other too. How fun.

  2. She is dang cute in red and a a baseball hat!