Sunday, February 20, 2011

Annabelle Update!

She's getting too big too fast, and this weekend has definitely made me realize that even more: My sweet sister-in-law Ashley gave birth to beautiful baby Madison.

And now my tiny Annabelle isn't so tiny anymore :( ... (and I secretly want another newborn!!)

Matching cousin outfits (with many more to come!!) :)

Teeny tiny beautiful 8lbs 9oz Maddy:

Jake and Danny with their cute little girls:

Now when I see Annabelle next to Madison, I feel like she should be walking. And talking. And feeding herself. I can't even remember her being that tiny!

Sweet girl Annabelle -- Please stay my tiny forever! And please please please keep making this face when you stretch!!


  1. Welcome Madison! What beautiful babies.

  2. oh congrats to Ashley and Danny!! She is so cute! I can't believe how fast babies grow!! Annabelle looks so big compared to the newborn but just a few months ago she was just as tiny!! crazy! Cole's getting so big too! :)

  3. It's so funny how big Annabelle is compared to Maddy! I cant believe she's grown that much from when she was a newborn! I do love that stretching face haha im glad she is always our entertainment, and she doesnt even know why everyones laughing all the time. Just a naturally funny little girl :)