Sunday, February 6, 2011

Southern Hospitality

I'm a day late on this post (don't tell Lauren or Marie!!!)
The last place I went on vacation was TEXAS! And it was awesome. It was my first time travelling alone with Annabelle, so I was pretty nervous, but now having done that I can pretty much do anything. SUPER MOM! ... right? :)
Well, it really wasn't that hard. She slept the whole way there. And the whole way back. Piece of cake.

It was so special for the baby cousins to meet! Their next rendez-vous: Christmas!!! More specifically December 23 - 26 in WA. Can you tell I'm excited? I'm contemplating making a chain to count down the days - I can.not.WAIT! The whole family will be together in one place with all the cousins - and guess what Annabelle and Juliette get to be in the Christmas nativity? Well, Bella and Liam will play Joseph and Mary. Cole gets to be sweet baby Jesus, ..... and Annabelle and Juliette get to be lovely sheep.

Yup. Sheep :) Why not angels, you say? Ooh, because sheep come so much more naturally to them :D
I'm excited! :)

Cousins first bath together:

We had so much fun together!!
And then Marie, Will, and Juliette came later that week and made it the best little sister reunion (Lissie, we missed you!)
I got to make everyone a yummy German dish, to which Will complimented "this tastes better than a German dish served in a German restaurant" ---- HOLLA!! That's the best (and my favorite) compliment ever!!!!

Lauren and I went SHOPPING! Dyed our hair. Blog-stalked. Reconstructed my blog (thanks LuLu!!). Hung out with Bekah and Jordan. Had a dessert night, where Annabelle was quite the star with her "running" skills ;). Ate flax - yum. Took lots of pictures. But mostly: had nursing parties!!!!
Nursing parties: make nursing so much more fun, and go by so much faster! One day, we'll all be neighbors and host nursing parties (note: by special invitation only/must be a sister)

I love love loved Texas, and was pleasantly surprised by the southern hospitality! Somehow, coming from Provo, UT I didn't expect to see much "mormon kindness", but Texans do it even better! From the second I got to Dallas, we were treated like top of the line guests!

Aunt LuLu, we miss you tons!


  1. They can be whatever they want in the nativity play. I like the idea of angels!

  2. Maybe Cole should be an angel too, then they can all match.

  3. awww I miss you guys too!! and yay for nursing parties!!!! haha, that's right, special invitation ONLY! :)

  4. No mom, I like them being sheep! Haha. And Cole's gotta be Jesus!! It'll be so cute!!

  5. I am not a sister...but can I be invited to one of your nursing parties!?

  6. Guess what I bought today? The ingredients for that German dish. I'm going to make it for Will on V-day because he seriously LOVED it. The only problem is I'm pretty sure it won't turn out as good as yours did, if at all. Wish me luck!

    PS. I totally noticed you were a day late on this post, and I almost said something. :)

  7. Michal - yes, you're invited :) And Marie, I'm SO glad you're doing that for V-day! And it will definitely turn out. It's so easy!!