Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Belated


We had a great V-day this year:

A yummy breakfast.

Some cutesy pictures. (Annabelle's sporting her V-day dress!)

And a lovely evening. But sadly no pictures. :(

But this is what we did:
I decorated the house with a pretty red Valentine garland. We drank Martinelli's. Ate yummy enchiladas. And gave each other a nice card and gift (sewing machine for me!!!) Oh gosh, I have to post about my newest creation with it. You know what? I'm doing it now. One sec!


I absolutely love this machine, but even more so my sweet husband who got it for me :)

So this past week I decided to recover the glider in our living room and was super impressed with how well I did :) I just took off the old cushion fabric and used it as a pattern -- I looove how it turned out! It really brightens up our living area.
I love love love you Jacob, for this wonderful machine!

Anyways, back to the V-day. Jake's been pretty obsessed with BYU basketball lately (JIMMMMMMER!), so I got him some cute BYU sweats. (He wears them everyday now) ;)

Valentine's Day was really fun and since it's topic-appropriate, I'd like to list why I love my husband:

1. He makes me laugh every day!
2. He takes such good care of Annabelle and I - we are definitely his #1!
3. How much he loves me - I am a lucky girl!
4. The fact that he lets me tear apart our house, just to hang my latest blog-stalked project on the wall (our living room is still under construction!)
5. When he tells me what I've just made is really cute and he loves it, and then when I decide I hate it he quietly lets out a sigh of relief ;) (I made a really hideous zebra frame the other day) Haha!
6. When he whoos me with his flawless German.
7. The time he dropped everything (when I was pregnant) to go get me some raspberry jam. Which I never ended up eating. :)
8. That he loves my flax/fat-free banana bread, even though the buttery one tastes better.
9. That he will always and forever prefer a pony-tail over curls. (Which is great - cause I've never been one for doing my hair!)
10. His faith and testimony of the gospel. He is such an example to me.

I love you sweet Jacob!


  1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Love the chair cover (and the sewing machine). Great job!

  2. this is so sweet! Your cinnamon things turned out way cuter than mine!! :)

  3. I'm happy to hear that Jake treats you so well. They say you can tell how a man will treat his wife by watching how he treats his mother. This boy has ALWAYS treated his mother with love and respect. You are one lucky girl.