Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Stuff

I found this cute wreath idea at

You can find hers here:

Since V-day is over, we needed a new wreath for our door and luckily I had all the scraps to make one:

I just used an old white sheet for the wreath and white flowers, and then scraps of old fabric for the other flowers. And lots of hot glue :) Also, if you're near a Hobby Lobby - their straw wreaths are 50% off! (And if you miss that sale, they're only $3.75 regularly)

This little project has kept me pretty occupied today, since Jake's in Denver with the car and little Annabelle still sleeps quite a bit! So to be honest, I was in craft-heaven!
I also made some cute bathroom blocks, but they're above my toilet and I felt kinda silly posting a picture of our toilet. I mean, really.

If anyone's interested in making a burlap wreath, I'll post that tutorial soon :)
Here's a peek at the final product:


  1. wow Emma that is the cutest thing ever and i can't believe you made it!!!! so cool!!!!

  2. You are so cute and crafty! I love watching you bloom!!!

  3. Emily, I especially like the fabric flowers. I would love to see one close up. Good job on both of those wreaths.

  4. Wow, Em! Both of those wreaths are super cute!