Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Times

Day 3: A photo that makes you happy :)

Lots of things make me happy, but here are just a few:

Little Miss ... oops! I forgot her name. But isn't she adorable? This gummy-grinned girl went to the summer camp that Lauren and I were counselors at summer of 2008. That was a fun yet tiring summer: imagine having 50+ ADD/ADHD kids running around like crazy people all.summer.long. And then imagine taking them places. Public places... like the ZOO and THEME PARKS where German teenagers think it's fun to pick on the little American kids, but don't realize they're being protected by two American white girls that understand their German insults and, to the snooty little German's surprise, tell them to whizz off! That's when you get the real looks of admiration from little sweethearts like the above adorable girl.
Why does this picture make me happy? Because how could you not smile at this toothless beauty that lisps like there's no tomorrow? Well, you just can't. She makes me happy.

Happy time #2: Spending the summer with my beautiful little Isabella Marie - summer of 2006 (?)
I very vividly remember the day Marie called me with her good news: she was expecting!! I don't think I could describe to anyone the happiness that filled my body, but I will tell you I was an absolute mess on the phone. I was just SO happy!! Tears of happiness? More like sobs of happiness. (And not the cute kind) My mom will tell you that I've always loved babies, and it's true. They're just so cute!! And to hear that Marie was going to actually have one was too much for me to handle. I seriously felt like I was going to explode with joy!
She's been one of my favorite blessings ever since.

I love this picture, because it proves how far I've come: I used to be a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y terrified of dogs. Didn't matter the size - I HATED them. Why? Oh, only because I was nearly attacked by a huge Beethoven dog when I was 4 or 5. (Luckily Marie was there to save me from the hideous thing as I lept up into her arms)
Fifteen years later things are a little different and I'm letting the DOG leap into MY arms. Talk about conquering your fears!!
Now I want a dog. For reals!!! I want this dog in particular: Australian Shepherd.
(Anyone having pups?)

How is it that I've forgotten all my SAS kids' names?
Well, here's another one of my favorites! :) This girl was seriously the HAPPIEST little girl ever. She was the little comedian of that summer, always saying things like: Miss Emma, you're so cute. Haha.

I miss her!

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 3: check!


  1. oh my goodness these pictures are great!!! funny, I can't remember the little girls names either..well, except for Jasmine. haha. anyway, love this post and now you're caught up to me! yay!

    love ya!

  2. Some of your best stories seriously came from your summer at SAS. I particularly remember one about a tomato and the bathroom. Was one of these darling girls part of that memorable event??

  3. All these put a smile on my face. Those kids look like they had some serious energy!!

  4. Haha! Mom, I completely forgot about that incident - hahaha. I'll find a picture of the "darling" girl that did that.... :)

  5. Emma, your just the Cutest! I loves this challenge you guys are doing! I think ill start one after I have maddy and kinda get the hang of having a baby haha. But this is so Entertaining! I love It!