Saturday, February 12, 2011

Then and Now

Day 10: A photo of you as a Baby:

The newborn hamster look:

12 months/18 months?:

OK, now I'm pretty adorable!!

Jake 6 weeks:

Annabelle Then:

My teeny newborn.

And Now:

My cute little tiny, always smiling.

She's almost 3 months now - please stop growing! I want to keep you as a baby forever!!


  1. Aww I have a huge smile on my face right now looking at this post! I LOVE that she is so smiley, its so contagious!

  2. hamster look?!? emma, you didn't look like a hamster!! you were soooo cute!!!!!! and annabelle is so smiley! I love those pics of her. I wish I could snuggle her :(

  3. Em, you were the cutest baby! And Miss Annabelle is a doll!