Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red Lobster Lovelies

A picture of me a year ago: ta-da!
Well, this is from January 26th, 2010; somehow I didn't document my life in February.
So here I am with my Red Lobster co-workers (L-R): Me, Morgan, Jasmine, and Chelsea!
I love these girls. I started hostessing at Red Lobster in March 2009 when I met these lovely ladies. They've all turned 21 since, and have graduated to server-status :)
Morgan's super smiley and nice all the time!
Jasmine's amazing! And so so gorgeous!
Chelsea's just plain crazy hilarious!

I love these girls!

And look at me: I'm posting at 11:16pm with 44 minutes to spare before Lauren and Marie get on my back ;)

Side note: Our good friend Will Rubio gave us a FREE white dresser Tuesday night :D I've been shopping KSL for a good deal and thankfully didn't settle for one, because this one is free and perfect! I'm refinishing it and could use any tips out there.
So far I have this peeler stuff that you paint on, let sit 15 min, and then peel off the old paint so the new fresh coat can go on :)
Has anyone seen the beautiful table Marie refinished? If not you can see it here: (scroll down a bit)

She's been giving me great advice, and I can always use more.
I'm wanting to paint it white, and maybe give it a hint of green? It's going in Annabelle's room and her colors are soft pastel green and pink and white. Should I just do it a completely different color altogether?
I'm opening this up for discussion. Starting now.

Love, Emma :)

30 day challenge day 2: check


  1. beautiful girls!!!!! I'm so glad you're doing this with me :)

  2. I think the idea you have for the colors of the dresser sound Beautiful! Go with It! I would love to come help you too if ya want, I could learn a thing or two about refinkshing things :)